How Do I Make A Booking?

Contact us via the contact page or on 07976 733 556.  We’ll discuss your requirements and send a quote over.  Once you’re 100% happy you’re your requirements, we’ll issue a booking contract to you.  You then pay a 20% booking deposit which can be made by BACS, cheque or internet transfer.

The remaining balance is payable up to or including the day of the event.

How Long Does The Band Play For?

Our standard performance is two hours, divided into two sets of one hour each. This is almost always enough for an evening event.

If however, you’d like us to play for more than this, please mention it in your enquiry and we can include this in your quote.

Can I Split The Two Hours Into Three Separate Sets?

No problem at all. We would recommend two one hour sets, because it helps the set flow better but can arrange the set times exactly as you wish.

How Do We Go About Choosing The Songs For The Evening?

We have a wide selection of material, and as you can imagine, we have a very good idea of the sort of music that works for different crowds in different situations.

Before your event we will send you a song list and ask you to highlight a selection of songs in order to provide the band with a broad idea of your personal tastes and that of your guests.

This will enable us to design the set with your audience in mind.

We do however request that the band be given as much freedom as possible to use our long experience in tailoring the set to the audience on the night.

Please see our song list here.

Can You Play Special Requests?

No problem at all. We charge for specific songs outside of our repertoire, due to the time and attention we spend on learning and rehearsing special requests. We charge £90 for the trio and £150 for the five-piece to learn special requests.

How Far Does The Band Travel?

We have played gigs all around the World and have yet to be asked to play somewhere we couldn’t get to.

What Time Do You Arrive At The Venue?

Our standard arrival time for an evening performance is 6pm. If your event requires a performance at another time of day just let us know and we can let you know our arrival time.

Do You Bring Your Own PA & Stage Lights?

Yes. Our standard system is suitable for crowds of up to 300. It is a highly professional RCF 2500W system.

If your event is going to have more guests than 300, please let us know, as we may need to arrange additional equipment.

Can I Come To See The Band Live Before I Book?

This can tend to be difficult as almost all of our performances are at private functions. Feel free to ask, and we can check in case there are any public performances coming up.

The videos you see listed on our website are a great representation of what we will sound like live as they were recorded live, without any post production tricks.

What Will The Band Be Wearing?

We have an all black dress code as this works well with the style of most events. If you have a specific requirement, please just let us know.

My Venue Has A Sound-Limiter, Is That A Problem?

Sound limiters spoil everyone’s fun. If you don’t know what they are, they are devices which measure the volume of sound in a room, then cut off the electricity supply if the sound volume remains above a pre-defined threshold for more than 10 – 20 seconds.

We can generally work within the constraints of a sound-limiter, especially The Acoustic Sessions set-up. With The Electric Sessions set-up, the lowest volume we can play at is the level of the un-amplified drum kit. However, even with a drum kit, we generally don’t have issues.

If your venue has a sound-limiter, we can speak with the venue regarding level specifics.

What If A Band Member Is Ill On The Day Of The Performance?

On the very unlikely chance that a band member is too ill to perform at an event, we have handpicked some of the best deputy musicians available to use as a backup. The musicians are of equal musical standard and are also professional musicians of session standard.

Do We Need To Feed You?

Yes please. The band will normally have been traveling for some time to get to your event, and will be on site all night, so will definitely need a hot meal to keep us going.

Will The Band Get Drunk?

Absolutely not. We are professionals and only require soft-drinks on the night.

Can I Meet With The Band Before My Event?

Once you’ve booked, the artist will contact you in the 3 weeks leading up to your event to discuss the finer details, ensure your requirements haven’t changed and finalise song preferences etc. If you need to speak to the artist before this, no problem, please just let us know.

In most cases, we will not make site visits as they are unnecessary and we do not charge enough money to be able to afford to give up a day to do so. If there is an extraordinary circumstance which demands a site visit, it can be arranged and a fee would be charged to cover time and travel.

How Much Space And Time Do The Band Need To Set-Up?

If we have good access to your venue (EG: no lifts or stairs, no more than 100ft to wheel their equipment) we should be able to load in, set up and sound check within 60 minutes.

Setup and sound check involves the following important steps:

  1. Unloading all the band’s equipment from their van and wheeling it into the venue
  2. Unpacking the equipment from flight cases and putting it in the correct part of the room, arranged as the band need it to be positioned in order for them to be able to perform.
  3. Connecting up the power and all the cables and checking everything is working
  4. Sound checking – balancing the volume and equalisation of each instrument in the bands PA system so that:
    1. everything sounds good in your room (every room sounds different and some instruments require careful attention so that the sound isn’t too boomy)
    2. each instrument is balanced against the other instruments so that you hear the songs clearly
    3. the band can hear each other clearly
    4. the overall volume level is set as you / the venue requires.
  5. Packing away empty cases, moving the van to a permanent parking spot, and getting changed into stage clothes for their performance.

If your event is running late and you’ve arranged for the band to set up after speeches, we will still need the same amount of time to set up. This allocated set up and sound check time is vital for the band to properly connect their equipment and get a good sound in advance of their performance. Please be respectful of the fact that the band can’t physically complete the steps listed above any faster than the time they’ve already indicated when you booked them, and any attempt to make them feel pressured to hurry is only going to stress them out and put them on edge before they entertain your guests!

Please also be mindful of the fact that sound check is inherently loud and cannot happen at the same time as speeches or dinner unless you’ve got the band performing in a different part of your venue.

For weddings, we usually advise that set-up and sound-check happens in the gap after the wedding breakfast, whilst your venue turns the room around for the evening party.  For this reason, you might want to speak with your venue to find out if there’s another space where your guests can go after dinner away from the band setting up.  It’s not a problem if this isn’t possible, but bear in mind the louder ‘sound check’ part can take up to 20 minutes.  Often guest sing along!!

Alternatively, bands can arrive earlier in the day to be set up and sound checked before your wedding breakfast, but there will be an additional cost to cover the extra time on site.

As an approximate guide to the amount of space required by rock and pop function bands:

3-piece band: 3 x 3 meters

4-piece band: 4 meters wide by 3 meters deep

5-piece band: 5 meters wide by 3 meters deep